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LAUNDRY across the uk

Revolution Laundry is a self-service laundromat service, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week*, through our unique and innovative external washing and drying units.
*24/7 opening applies to most, but not all sites. Check your local Revolution.

Revolutionising laundry  

for a low low cost

I’ve used these washing machines and driers for a few years now and until this week haven’t had any problems. I contacted the company to report the fault and they responded within 24 hours, and refunded me the cost of my wash within 48 hours. That’s what you call excellent customer service.

Customer review, Angela
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Eco-friendly hypoallergenic detergent included
SMS alert to warn you before the end of the cycle
Ideal for cleaning large items from 18kg to 20kg
Customer service team to help with your query
All payment methods contactless
Secure machines
Accessible to people with reduced mobility
Quick wash 30 minutes and dry from 20 minutes 

Get 3 loads in 1 wash


Washing takes an average of 30 minutes and drying takes 15 minutes or more, an to ensure the safety of your items our machines automatically lock during  cycles. You can also opt to receive a free SMS alert 5 minutes before the end of the wash cycle.
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Thanks to the powerful spin of our Revolution machines, washed laundry is recovered with 30% less residual moisture than a load washed in a domestic machine. Learn more about our sustainability efforts in our CSR report.
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