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Hot or Cold? Which wash will give you the better results?

As far as all the old wives tales go, washing clothes in hot water is the best way to remove any stains and is considered the most effective way to get your dirty clothes clean. However, as we find ourselves in the midst of a cost of living crisis hot washes may not be the most economically friendly method of washing clothes. But can we get the same results with a cold wash?
Choosing to do a cold wash is not just about saving on power or money and the environment but it’s also about sustaining your clothes.

The pros and cons of a Hot wash:

As we learnt in an earlier blog, 'What do the washing symbols on my clothes mean?', a hot wash is identifiable by the temperature of the water being 60 degrees celsius.

- Removal of germs and heavy soiling, especially for white garments
- Perfect for baby clothes, bedding and items that are used daily

- Tends to shrink clothes
- May cause colours to fade

The pros and cons of a Cold wash:

A cold wash has the water temperature of 30 degrees celsius however, washing machines come with a cold wash setting which will use no heat. This setting is the suitable option for delicate items for example, trainers or under garments.

- Less risk of colours fading
- Saving on energy costs
- Not as effective in killing germs and bacteria
- Can cause clothes to shrink in size and remove elasticity in clothes

Taking the two into consideration in order to get the best results for your wash firstly, always follow the instructions on the care label on your clothing. However, if you’re not too sure what temperature to set your washing to then go for a warm wash at 40 degrees so you don’t risk damaging the quality of your clothes but still kill dirt and bacteria.

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