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Five things you should never put inside a washing machine

Loose change, used tissues, receipts, a toy truck, you name it. I’m sure you’ve found an unwanted gift fall to the floor as you’re transferring your washing from the machine drum to the wash basket. Or you've taken your washing out and it still has remnants of fabric softener or suds and bubbles forming in the pockets.

We know it’s not your fault but here are a few things you definitely should not put inside a washing machine and what to do if you do:

1. Using too much detergent or fabric softener

Believe it or not, adding more product will actually make your clothes less clean than usual because the fabric will hold onto the excess product which traps body odours and soils. Overdosing your machine with product can also cause mechanical issues for your machines, this is why Revolution machines dispense the perfect amount of eco-friendly detergent which is measured according to the size of the drum that you are using.

2. Leather trainers or clothes

Fabric trainers benefit greatly from a quick trip to the washing machine leather trainers however, do not fare well. Most leather athletic shoes have a lining which is bound together by glue which does not react well to excessive water and heat. Whereas, leather clothing can retain the excess water it is not clear whether the clothes will actually be clean and it is more likely to come out wrinkled and creased. Opt instead for a dry clean or if the stain isn’t too bad try wiping down the stained area with a cloth.

3. Solid foam pillows and pads

If you don’t want to spin your foam pillows and cushion pads into balls of fluff then avoid putting them into the washing machine. The spin cycle of a washing machine, no matter how fast or slow, will break down the pillow's original form and leave with you half the pillow you once put in.

4. Fabrics heavily stained with flammable fluids

Clothes that have been stained or soiled with motor oil, paint thinner, gasoline, cooking oil or alcohol need to be presoaked in a large sink or tub with heavy duty detergent before it is safe for the washing machine.

5. Wedding/Ball Gowns

Due to the fine detailing and beading on these special occasion garments its better to be safe than sorry and try dry cleaning or hand washing them. Most formal dresses are made of dry clean only materials such as silk and chiffon and in most cases putting them in a laundry bag still might not protect them. Some dresses can be machine washed but be sure to double check its care label so that you’re setting the wash at the right temperature.

Most of the time it’s an honest mistake it doesn't matter how many times you double checked and turned the pockets inside out. Besides the unwelcome washing machine pots of gold there are a few habits that you may have picked up that are actually hindering your wash day experience. We hope this guide will come in handy on your next wash day!

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