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I can't retrieve my washing

Are you unable to remove your washing from one of our machines?

We service our machines on a regular basis, however on rare occasions they experience faults. Our safety measures are designed to protect you from harm but can also result in the doors to our washers and dryers becoming locked shut. Our first priority is getting your clothing returned to you. To help resolve the issue as fast as possible, try following the steps below:

  • Inform the site owner that your washing are stuck. Site owners will be able to switch off the power to a Revolution Laundry machine. After 5-10 minutes the machine should reset, and the doors should unlock.
  • If the site owner is unwilling or unable to switch off power to the laundry machine, contact customer service at Make sure the subject of your email is marked 'Washing - stuck'. Between Monday and Friday a member of our team will respond during business hours (9am to 5pm), and on weekends between 9am and 3pm, to report the machine to our engineers.
  • If your washing become stuck outside of customer service hours, and you can not retrieve your items, you must still send an email to with the subject line 'Washing - stuck'. Our team will be in contact as soon as possible to resolve the issue.

If your clothes become stuck in one of our machines, you are entitled to a refund. We advise you to contact customer service via to apply for a refund. You'll need the location of the machine - specifically the machine number.  Our team will issue a refund and report the machine to our engineers for servicing.

Still need help? Get help now via our UK Help Centre

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