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4 laundry habits that will keep your clothes feeling fresh out of the dryer for longer!

Nothing beats the feeling of finally completing laundry day. It's a task we try to put off as long as possible, sorting all the clothes by colour and then having to tackle the big things like the duvets and pillows. Once it’s finally all washed, dried and put away the laundry basket seems to magically be full all over again!

What if there was a way for you to tick laundry day off your to do list and not have to dread doing it again for a little while longer?

Check out our top tips below:

1) Don’t overload the washing machine
We get it you just want all of your washing done as soon as possible but with a capacity of ? you’ll never be close to overloading our washing machines. Meaning you can fit up to 3 regular loads of washing and two double duvets in one cycle. Our washing machine drums were designed with a big wash in mind so don’t worry about bringing too much clothes we’ve got you covered.

2) Set the right temperature
All clothes come with the correct temperature setting which ensures a thorough wash without any damage and this is normally either 40 or 60 degrees celsius. If the temperature is too high or too low you increase the risk of shrinking or not getting the thorough wash that you might need. Revolution machines are easy to navigate, giving you the option of a 40 degree, 60 degree and cold wash setting. Researchers at the University of Leeds found that clothes which are washed at 25C on a 30-minute cycle shed fewer microfibres into waste water and keep their colour for longer, significantly extending the life of garments. Results will vary depending on the materials that you are washing. Please double check the clothing label to avoid any mis-haps.

3) Use a sensible amount of laundry detergent
Putting in too much detergent won’t clean your clothes faster or better but it will increase product waste resulting in spending more money on replenishing your laundry detergent. With built-in eco-friendly detergent the Revolution machine can use technology to determine how much detergent your load will need to ensure that your clothes get a quality wash.

4) Separate your clothes
This one may seem obvious but it’s still important as ever to make sure you are separating your washing by colour and fabric to avoid any unwanted colouration or stains. Washing your light and dark clothes isn’t a necessity but if you want to preserve the colour and integrity of your clothing then it is.

Get 3 loads in 1 wash

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