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The History of Laundry Detergent

What is wash day without detergent? What factors do you use to determine whether a laundry detergent will be good for your laundry? Is it the smell? Or do you go for whatever is the best value for money? This fresh scent, soft laundry detergent is actually a recent invention, back in the day you used to wash your clothes plain ole soap!

Before we get started on the history of laundry detergent did you know that detergent is NOT soap? Mindblown. Laundry detergent is actually a chemical compound that helps clean clothes in washing machines because it helps keep the dirt suspended in the water. 

1950s - Liquid and powder laundry detergents become popular purchases along with bleaches for whiter whites and fabric softeners to gentle the water and soften clothes. 

1960s - Stain removers and pre-treatments are added to the shelves. Enzymatic laundry detergents are introduced. Homes also used laundry tablets. 

1970s - Fabric conditioners included in laundry detergent for an all-in-one product. 

1980s - Varying temperature laundry detergents and concentrated laundry detergents grow in popularity. 

1990s - Biodegradable cleaners, conditioners, and color-safe bleach are big sale items on the laundry detergent aisle 

2000s - Biodegradable and green-friendly products and water conservation are big-ticket issues for modern concepts of laundry detergent. 

2010s+ - Laundry pods and sheets available in dissolvable units that provide a quick, single-serving of laundry detergent to prevent waste and overuse of detergent. Introduction of detergents specifically for synthetic fibers.

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