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4 quick tips to take charge of your spring clean!

Ah, springtime! When the sun overstays its welcome and we finally bid adieu to our dreary winter clothes. If you're ready to swap out your wardrobe, let me give you the 411 on how to tackle laundry day without breaking a sweat:

Tip 1: Sort’em! 

Sorting laundry pro-longs fabrics lifespan. So, be sure to separate your clothes not only by colour but also by material. Mixing heavy duty materials like towels and woolly jackets can cause abrasion and damage to finer fabrics such as bed linen. 

Tip 2: Make use of mesh bags

Mesh bags offer amazing protection for delicate items like lingerie,that could get snagged or ruined in the wash with heavier items. They also can help you not lose your socks and guarantee you still have your favourite pair once the wash is complete. 

Tip 3: Separate your wash into fewer loads 

Fewer loads = less time and hassle! Once you’ve sorted your clothes by colour and material you would have minimised your laundry pile into two loads. A good rule of thumb is to fill the machine until it’s ¾ full so that the items can get equal attention from your detergent and rinse thoroughly.

Tip 4: Treat Yourself 

You did it! You made it through wash day, now you can go ahead and treat yourself and we’ll cover the rest. Most of our Revolution machines are located in retail car parks so you can go for a quick trip to the shop or finish off any other errands and you will receive notification once your wash is done!

Get 3 loads in 1 wash

More than 600 Revolution Laundry automatic laundromats are installed across the UK. Find us in the car park of your supermarket, local petrol station or shopping centre.
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